Hewlett-Packard laptop reviews and prices

Hewlett-Packard DV6640US Hewlett-Packard DV6640US

The HP Pavilion Dv6640US has a weight of about 6.2-pound. It is not heavy at all. It can be easily taken anywhere you go. The HP Pavilion is inexpensive at all, practically everyone can afford this type of a laptop.This model of a laptop is sold with...

from $1,074.00
Length: 169 hundredths-inches
Width: 1012 hundredths-inches
Height: 650 hundredths-inches

Hewlett-Packard DV6626US Hewlett-Packard DV6626US

HP Pavilion DV6626US is a stylish, portable, light and powerful laptops presented on the market nowadays. The HP Pavilion laptops are very popular among customers. Those people who value portability, light weight, great screen choose HP Pavilion...

from $1,074.00
Length: 169 hundredths-inches
Width: 1012 hundredths-inches
Height: 650 hundredths-inches

Hewlett-Packard DV2620US Hewlett-Packard DV2620US

Take this very portable laptop together with you. The HP Pavilion DV2620US is one of the modern laptops presented on the market. This model of a laptop is not expensive at all and every user has an opportunity to purchase a very good helper.This model of...

from $1,250.00
Length: 154 hundredths-inches
Width: 630 hundredths-inches
Height: 1315 hundredths-inches

Hewlett-Packard DV6426US Hewlett-Packard DV6426US

HP Pavilion DV6426US is a great model of a laptop. This model of a laptop will become a great helper if you work at home or in the office, or you are a businessman and often go on business trips and you just like to travel a lot.First of all, this model...

from $849.99
DisplaySize: 15.4 inches
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 1000 MB
HardDiskSize: 160 GB
Weight: 1080 hundredths-pounds

Hewlett-Packard TX1320US Hewlett-Packard TX1320US

HP Pavilion TX1320US is a stylish, attractive, powerful and sleek laptop. In general, it is possible to say that the HP machine has a good build quality and only advantageous features. There are a large number of laptops on the market nowadays but not...

from $1,500.00
Weight: 450 hundredths-pounds
Length: 630 hundredths-inches
Width: 882 hundredths-inches
Height: 152 hundredths-inches

Hewlett-Packard DV6662SE Hewlett-Packard DV6662SE

Open infinite possibilities together with absolutely new model of a laptop HP Pavilion DV6662SE. It has been recently presented on the market and become really a popular one. Thanks to the produces, who managed to combine only the advantageous features in...

from $1,375.00
DisplaySize: 15. inches
Processor: 1.5 GHz
Memory: 2000 MB
HardDiskSize: 250 GB
Weight: 1178 hundredths-pounds

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