Hewlett-Packard TX1210US
Hewlett-Packard TX1210US
Hewlett-Packard TX1210US

Hewlett-Packard TX1210US Review

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Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard Office
Model: TX1210US
Screen Size: 12.1 inches
Processor Options: 1.9 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2
System Memory: 2000 MB DDR2 SDRAM
Hard Disk Capacity: 160 GB
Weight: 457 hundredths-pounds
Length: 975 hundredths-inches
Width: 1200 hundredths-inches
Height: 152 hundredths-inches


Hewlett-Packard TX1210US Technical Details

  • Lightweight tablet PC with 180-degree swiveling 12.1-inch screen (WITHOUT TOUCHSCREEN) and integrated 1.3-megapixel WebCam
  • 1.9 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-58 processor, 160 GB hard drive, 2 GB RAM (max), LightScribe DVD-/+RW drive
  • Connectivity: 3 USB, 1 FireWire, 1 VGA, 1 ExpressCard 34, 1 headphone, 2 microphone, 1 S/PDIF out, 5-in-1 memory card reader
  • Quad-mode Wi-Fi LAN (802.11a/b/g/n), 10/100 Ethernet, Nvidia GeForce Go 6150 video card with up to 287 MB shared memory
  • Pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium (with Media Center capabilities)

About Hewlett-Packard TX1210US

The major reason why I have bought this type of laptop is my desire to replace my old and heavy model of a laptop. The HP Pavilion TX1210US is a very light laptop and I am very satisfied with it.

Besides, its light weight, this laptop has much more advantageous features. First of all, it has a very powerful processor. I work on laptop every day and I often do many things one at the same time, so I need a powerful processor.

Spacious hard drive disk is also another advantageous feature of this laptop. I have a lot of stuff I need for me work. I do not like to keep the documents I need at different paces, so I am very satisfied that this type of a laptop has enough space for keeping all my stuff.

A 12.1 inches screen is very clean. This screen has an opportunity to turn and I like it very much. I like watching movies on laptop. This laptop’s screen is very bright. The laptop’s keyboard is very comfortable for typing.

In order to check my personal e-mail, chat with my friends, suck search in the Internet I use my cell phone. Thanks God, this type of a HP laptop has an integrated Bluetooth, so I can easily connect to the Internet.

This HP Pavilion laptop is not very expensive and practically everyone can afford this type of a laptop.


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